Kamers op reservatie

Our hotel has 33 rooms, of which there are:

* 16 rooms of the "Extra Luxury" type (32 m²)
* 19 rooms of the "Comfort" type (17 m²)

All rooms are equipped with the following:
a toilet, a sink, a bath or shower, a phone, a TV and an alarm. Certain rooms have a small kitchen, but these are a little more expensive than the others. The rooms on the ground floor have a communal kitchen the hotel guests can share between them.
There is a restaurant with a TV-corner, which is open every day until 10 PM.
WI-FI is available in the entire hotel, free of charge with no password necessary.
We can offer you the following prices, breakfast excluded.

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Room - "Comfort" type ( 17 m² )
€ 521 pers. room
€ 692 pers. room
€ 963 pers. room
Room - "Extra Luxury" type ( 32 m² )
€ 571 pers. room
€ 782 pers. room